Sometimes Your Worst Fears Come True


Insecurity is a cruel bitch in the age of social media. It motivates people to make a lot of their decisions online based around fear. We carefully construct social profiles to battle fear of missing out, fear of looking boring, or fear of appearing plain. We’re constantly online and the truth is eventually one of those fears will come true, our social curation be damned.

Millennials live with fears surrounding home ownership, debt, lifelong commitment, and social media more than anything. It’s not a secret. A degree from a top university and an internship doesn’t get you much in the way of security anymore. The constant lens provided by social media plagues us into doubt and guilt over the way we live our lives. We’re constantly denying fear and chasing fulfillment. Fear is scary but perhaps confronting it could be good for you.

This new video from Matt Joseph Diaz shows that we’re driven to avoid fear but sometimes confronting fear allows a person to address insecurity. When you actually have to deal with something you’re afraid of, that abstract fear becomes a reality that you have to push past.

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